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The Why Behind FIMG

At Freedom Investment Management Group, it is our intention to be a leading financial resource to a selective group of clients and the communities in which we serve. Our clients choose to work with us because our team is a group of highly dedicated individuals with a passion for delivering an exceptional client experience. The distinct separation at Freedom Investment Management Group is the client experience which is built on a high level of communication, understanding and creating valued long-standing relationships. We do so while working to understand our client’s unique goals and aspiration then provide the necessary time to educate, organize and prepare them for the inevitable financial challenges they face.

 Freedom Investment Management Group was formed out of the belief that we can serve our clients more effectively by working as a team, utilizing the unique skill set and strengths of each of the firm’s members. We take an active, professional role in clarifying and defining our clients’ objectives then work to develop plans and strategies that align those intentions with their unique customary situations. Most importantly, we recognize client relationships are built on realistic expectations, mutual trust and prudent planning.